Westminster Presbyterian Church 

3990 West 74th Avenue, Westminster, Colorado  80030

(303) 429-8508

Welcome all
Praise God
Care for the world.
Our Vision of Our Transformed Congregation
We see our future as one where our focus as a truly welcoming-to-all congregation has
been reclaimed. We readily welcome changes in our culture, music, technology,
programming and administration, while holding fast to the bedrock of our beliefs as a
Presbyterian Christian community. We minister and program from our identified
strengths; our relationships, while strong with each other, seek to reach out to the
unchurched in bold, non-fearful ways. We minister with our neighbors in Westminster.
We partner with Denver Presbytery to minister with our regional and global neighbors.
We dream big and take small steps, but we never stop moving. We never stop asking the
question “Where is God leading us?” As revealed by one of our favorite hymns in the
“favorite hymn” project, “Here I Am, Lord,” we stand in readiness to walk with God as
we are led into our future. It is a journey never meant to be finishedNew Beginning /  A Vision for a New Beginning  
A New Beginning
Westminster Presbyterian Church recently completed its New Beginnings study program in which more than half of the members of the worshiping congregation participated in small group Bible study and various studies of the congregation and the community. 

One of the main outcomes of the seven-month program was a new way of summarizing our vision for our new beginnings, which reads: Westminster Presbyterian Church is making disciples by celebrating the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those in our community."

A New Way of Committee Service
As a result of the New Beginnings process, the church realigned its committee structure resulting in fewer meetings and greater flexibility in the life of the church. There are now five committees  include, Worship and Music, Administration, Discipleship, Celebration and Mission. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Westminster Presbyterian Church is to honor its founding members and long history of service by providing a warm and inviting community of worship within which every member and guest can feel the presence of God at work in many ways each and every day.


Our doors are open to all who seek spiritual enlightenment and guidance in the challenge of applying scripture to everyday living. We choose to provide a mainline denominational environment following more traditional approaches to worship with a desire to be open for consideration of ideas and trends in worship as they arise.


Our mission is to provide a place of worship and learning that is comfortable for all who enter our sanctuary. We invite all who seek a Christian family of faith which maintains the highest of reverence for the sacraments and elements of worship.


This church’s mission projects historically and currently extend beyond its doors. Mission efforts encompass the local and greater Denver areas; the church reaches out to regional and national areas, and also includes international efforts. It is our desire to maintain the church’s historic recognition as a mission-based community of faith.