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Have-A-Heart is one of the longest-term mission projects of our church. It was organized in 1966 by Joan (Jo) Smith along with her family who own and operate Smith World Travel.  Jo had been on the Adams County School District 50 School Board long enough to know the needs of students who come to school with no coats, having had nothing to eat and their families living below the poverty level.  She started Have-A-Heart with the help of Westminster Presbyterian Church and Adams County School District 50.
We received tax exempt status in 1997 when 46% of the elementary children were living in poverty. Today, that figure is 76% with over 1,000 children marked as homeless, meaning that they have no stable residence, perhaps a motel or even a car, or a relative’s temporary home. This does not make for favorable learning situations for these kids and may account for some of the low achievement scores in the district. 

"The mission of Have-A-Heart continues to provide food, clothing, school supplies and personal hygiene items to the children of District 50 so they may achieve their academic potential. All our efforts are directed toward helping achievement." writes Jo Smith.
Debbie Smith serves as the contact person for Have-A-Heart.  She keeps records and organizes the volunteers; and to guarantee continuity in the future they organized a board of directors made up of community leaders and volunteers.  Many volunteers, mainly from our church and some from the community, provide many hours each week to sort and hang clothing, pick up food from food banks and grocery stores that have surpluses, shop for school supplies and all that it takes to keep H-A-H going.  Many volunteers also do their part on distribution days, which are two Saturdays per month.
It is notable that absolutely all donations made to Have-A-Heart go directly to the recipients.  All work is done on a volunteer basis.
The charity has grown to be a huge operation.  The Smiths are to be congratulated for having the foresight, knowledge, fortitude and compassion to start and build it; and the volunteers, too, are to be congratulated for their seemingly never-ending hard work.

 Also, many local businesses have jumped in to give support: the City of Westminster, Valentes, Rotary Clubs, other churches, and many individuals. All work is done by kind-hearted volunteers donating their time, vehicles, and gas. There is no overhead or salaries. All food and clothes are given free on two Saturdays each month.

We receive emergency calls at our Smith World Travel office and they are often accompanied by tears. We give them food, clothes and a friendly spirit which is exemplified in our church’s mission statement of striving to be caring and sharing. No one who helps these needy families can help but be touched. Thanks to all of you for your help over the last 20 years!