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Groundbreaking for Highland West Apartments
Front Row:  Dr. Bob Ansley, Don Cawalti, (Wheat Ridge) Wayne Smith, Wheat Ridge)
Back Row: Rev. Lester Nickless, Gil Bean, (Unknown), Don Schaffer, Rev. Jack King, (Rest Unknown)

Highland West and Highland South Apartments
Highlands West Apartments
Highland South Apartments
Highland West (Senior Citizen) apartments was dedicated on Sunday, January 17, 1965 and the Highland South  (HUD-low income housing) apartments were dedicated in 1981.  It was sponsored by Westminster Presbyterian church in partnership with Wheat Ridge Presbyterian church.
The Board of Directors is made up of five members from each church plus one member at large who serves as legal counse.
The two sponsoring churches divide the responsibilities of conducting a number of activities throughout the year.  Vesper services are conducted twice each month.  Much of the music comes from our church, although outside groups do come in.  The Deacons take turns at giving birthday parties for residents.  Those parties are given quarterly and our Deacons alternate with Deacons from Wheat Ridge Presbyterian Church.  Sunrise Easter services are held each year in the penthouse and our church Deacons serve a continental breakfast after the service.  Each year in early June, the Board of Directors gives a pie party for the tenants of Highland West as well as for the tenants of Highlands South later in the year  This is a fun time and gives the Board a chance to become better acquainted with the tenants and they with the Board.
A trust fund has been seet up in the name of Highlands West Foundation with the proceeds being offered as rent assistance to those in need.  These funds are administered confidentially by a separate committee.
The Board of Directors consists of five members from each of the two churches.  In the 1990's a section was added to the by-laws that Board members will be term-limited.
Early members of the Board of Directors, some of whom were amoung the founders were  Wayne Smith, Gil Bean, Dr. Robert Ansley, Hilory Osborne, Betty Smith, Jerry Monroe, Melvin Moore and Garnet Price.  Other Board members from our church have been Wendell Gardner, Jean Gray-Bissell, Pete Lindsay, Ethel Snortland, Rich Day, Elizabeth Nickless, Howard Dougherty, Mel Moore, Josephine Parrott, Ron Hellbusch, Don Rhoda, Richard (Dick) Petersen, Bob Van Meter, Bob Durham, Don Critchfield, Sandy Mason, Doris Aldrich, Lou Garone, Audrey Welte, Sue Singleton, Kurt Ammon, Anne Conklin, Vicki Esposito, Irma Helbusch, Dan Smith, Paul Glasgow and Judy Jester who is the current Chairperson.  Betty Smith was recognized in 1996 for having  served on the Board for thirty years; from April 18, 1965 to March 11, 1996.
Information for this was taken from, A Friendly Place to be Near God, by Elizabeth Price.